75th Anniversary: Choosing to be Part of ACPA

By Alyssa Kirkman posted 01-10-2018 09:23 AM


As we celebrate ACPA’s 75th Anniversary in 2018, we will be sharing stories from ACPA members about their ACPA experiences.  We are proud of the work our members have accomplished in support of our mission: to optimize outcomes for individuals with oral cleft and craniofacial conditions through education, support, research, advocacy, and interdisciplinary team care. Please join us in celebrating our anniversary by learning more about our members and the patients and families they serve.

Today’s story is from Suzanne M. Beshore RN, BSN, MS, CORLN. 

 Beshore.jpg“I first learned of ACPA while pursuing my master’s degree at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing. I was working as an operating room nurse and my favorite surgeries were those involving children with craniofacial differences so, for my master’s thesis, I decided to examine the relationship between insurance funding and timeliness of alveolar bone graft surgery.  I hypothesized that children with cleft lip and palate covered by publicly funded healthcare were more likely to have their alveolar bone graft procedures performed late than children covered under private insurance.

While performing my literature review, I noticed that many of the articles I needed to read were from the journal of the ACPA. I realized I should join this organization so that I could easily access these pertinent articles. I called ACPA and a very kind person guided me through the process of becoming a student member.

After completing my thesis work, I was selected to present the results of my study as a student presenter at the 21st International Congress in Orlando, Florida. The experience was a highlight of my nursing career. Because of this positive experience, I was encouraged to perform and present another study at an ACPA conference with my research partner Dr. Chuen Chie Chiang, an orthodontist at UC Davis Medical Center.

This organization is so essential because it helps to facilitate the multi-disciplinary discussions and collaborations that are so necessary to the safety and success of healthcare today, and also helps to improve the quality of care that this important patient population relies upon.”

If you have a story to share, please email alyssa.kirkman@acpa-cpf.org.  Here’s to 75 more years of team care.