By Wendy-Jo Toyama posted 11-27-2017 11:07 AM


For-FacebookAndWebsites-ACPA-Wonder-Movie-Screening-Southpoint-Durham-Photographer-Kumolu-104.jpgSitting in a dark theater with almost 300 members of our local community was an inspiring experience. We’ve known for a while that the movie Wonder was being released, and – like many of you – we’ve been so excited. This is a rare opportunity to spread awareness of craniofacial differences and related experiences in the triangle and nationwide.

The ACPA screening was held in Durham, and the event sold out ahead of time. We had a wide variety of people attend – from a 5th grade class that had read Wonder, to ACPA members on the ACPA Approved Teams in Durham, Chapel Hill and Winston Salem, to affected individuals and their families. The event started with networking and refreshments for attendees. It was fun to sit back and watch the community as they came together to meet each other and share their experiences – like when two teenagers talked with smiles on their faces about everything they had in common.

Right before the movie, I introduced a few friends who shared their experiences and impressions of Wonder.  ACPA’s incoming President Amelia Drake, Morgan Weintraub a 15-year-old with Crouzon Syndrome, and Lauren Taylor a mother of a two-year old with a cleft lip and palate, all shared their stories and what choosing kind means to them.  You can view the conversation on Facebook.

We hope that everyone who attended the screening – and those who saw the movie around the world – has a greater resolve to always choose to be kind, regardless of our differences.