Celebrating National Volunteer Week

By Wendy-Jo Toyama posted 11 days ago

In light of National Volunteer Week, ACPA is recognizing volunteers who dedicate their efforts to further the mission of ACPA – creating a world where people with cleft and craniofacial conditions thrive.

In 2018, extraordinary volunteers partnered with ACPA to make a difference in the lives of patients, their families and the professionals who guide them on their journeys. This week, we are celebrating every success, from the more than 240 members who volunteer their time to those who are contributing to the research and collaboration at ACPA’s 76th Annual Meeting this week. Every act of service increases our collective impact for individuals with cleft and craniofacial conditions, and for that reason, we extend our greatest appreciation to you.

5k2.jpgLast year, CleftStrong hosted its Fifth Annual Family Fun 5K in San Antonio, TX to spread awareness and raise funds for ACPA. The founders of CleftStrong, Ray and Chelsea Ortiz, set out to make a difference in their community in 2014, shortly after their son received his first major surgery to repair his cleft lip. In total, the 2018 CleftStrong 5K raised $25,100.00 in support of ACPA.

It is because of the generosity of volunteers such as the Ortiz family that ACPA can continue to provide education and resources to patients, families and professionals. During National Volunteer Week, we sincerely thank every volunteer who has made 76 years of team care possible. As we look ahead, continue sharing your stories, spreading awareness, hosting local events and finding other creative ways to make a difference.

Thank you for your continued support. If you would like to make a gift to ACPA, please visit the ACPA website or contact Rachel by calling (919) 933-9044.