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Issue 56.2 of The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal is now available

By ACPA posted 02-04-2019 10:15 AM

cpca_56_2_cover.pngThe new issue of The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal (CPCJ) is now available. All ACPA Members receive a free subscription to CPCJ - just log-in to your ACPA account to access the online version.  Not a member and want journal access?  Join now ($240 for 2018 National Active Membership) or purchase an individual subscription ($324 for print and e-access).

Proportion of Orofacial Clefts Attributable to Recognized Risk Factors Janhavi R. Raut, BDS, MPH, Regina M. Simeone, MS, MPH, Sarah C. Tinker, PhD, Mark A. Canfield, PhD, R. Sue Day, MS, PhD, A. J. Agopian, PhD

Short- and Long-Term Effects of Late Maxillary Advancement With the Liou-Alt-RAMEC Protocol in Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Maria Costanza Meazzini, DMD, MMSc, Laura B. Zappia, DDS, Chiara Tortora, DDS, Luca Autelitano, MD, Roberto Tintinelli, MD

Mandibular Catch-Up Growth in Pierre Robin Sequence: A Systematic Review Chad A. Purnell, Lindsay E. Janes, MD, Julian L. Klosowiak, MD, PhD, Arun K. Gosain, MD

Nasal Obstruction in Children With Cleft Lip and Palate: Results of a Cross-Sectional Study Utilizing the NOSE Scale Rosaline S. Zhang, BA,  Lawrence O. Lin, B, Ian C. Hoppe, MD, Oksana A. Jackson, MD, David W. Low, M, Scott P. Bartlett, MD, Jordan W. Swanson, MD, Jesse A. Taylor, MD

Repair of Primary Cleft Palate and Oronasal Fistula With Acellular Dermal Matrix: A Systematic Review and Surgeon Survey Andrew Simpson, FRCSC, Osama A. Samargandi, MD, Alison Wong, MD,M. Elise Graham, FRCSC, Michael Bezuhly, FRCSC

Differences in Weight Loss and Recovery After Cleft Lip and Palate Repair Alison Kaye, MD, Columbine Che, BS

Teachers’ Perspectives on the Impact of Cleft Lip and/or Palate During the School Years Nicola Marie Stock, Dphil, Matthew Ridley, MSc, Ella Guest, MSc

The Psychosocial Impact of Cleft in a Western Australian Cohort Across 3 Age Groups Wendy Nicholls, BSc, BA, MHA, PhD, Linda A. Selvey, MBBS, PhD, Craig Harper, BSc, Martin Persson, PhD, Suzanne Robinson, PhD

Parental Experience of Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Infants With Cleft Palate: Comparing Parental and Clinical Priorities Karen Davies, PhD, Yin-Ling Lin, PhD, Anne-Marie Glenny, PhD, Peter Callery, BA (Hons), RN, MSc, PhD, Iain A. Bruce, MD, FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Surgical Correction of Metopic Craniosynostosis: A 3-D Photogrammetric Analysis of Cranial Vault Outcomes Olivia E. Linden, MD, Vanessa M. Baratta, MD, Jose A. Gonzalez, BS, Margaret E. Byrne, RN, Petra M. Klinge, MD, PhD, Stephen R. Sullivan, MD, MPH, Helena O. Taylor, MD, PhD

Mean GOSLON Yardstick Scores After 3 Different Treatment Protocols—A Long-term Study of Patients With Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Petra Peterson, MD,  Michael Mars, DSc, PhD, FDS,  Alan Gowans, BDS, FDS, RCS (Edin),  Ola Larson, MD1,  Erik Neovius, MD, PhD,  Gunilla Henningsson, DrMedSc, PhD,  Anna Andlin-Sobocki, DDS, PhD,  Marie Pegelow, DDS, PhD,  Mathias Lemberger, DDS,  Liisi M. Raud-Westberg, MSc,  Agneta L-A Karsten, DDS, MS, PhD

Outcome Measures in UCLP: The Modified 5-Year-Olds’-Index—Development and Reliability Tarun K. Mittal, BDS, DDS, MFDS, MOrth RCS,  Anthony J. Ireland, PhD, MOrth RCS, FDS RCS, FHEA,  Nikki E. Atack, BDS, MSc, MOrth RCS, FDS(Orth) RCS,  Sam D. Leary, BSc, MSc, PhD,  Joyce I. Russell, PhD, FDS RCPS, MOrth RCS,  Scott A. Deacon, BDS, MSc, MFDS RCPS, MOrth RCS, FDS(Orth),  Andy R. Ness, BMedSci, BM, BS(Nott), DA, MRCP, MFPHM, FFPHM, PhD, DPH,  Jonathan R. Sandy, PhD, MOrth RCS, FDS RCS, F Med Sci

Assessing Attentional Bias in Secondary Cleft Lip Deformities: An Eye-Tracking Study Alexander Morzycki, MSc, Alison Wong, MD, Paul Hong, FRCSC, Michael Bezuhly, MD, MSc, SM, FRCSC, FAAP

Tessier Number 30 Median Mandibular Cleft With Congenital Heart Anomalies in Qena, Egypt Ahmed Ali Abdelrahim Ali, MSc, MD

Mental Development and Surgical Prognosis of Pai Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of the Literature Yoshimichi Imai, MD, PhD,  Shigeo Kure, MD, PhD,  Chieko Nara, MD,  Naoyuki Takagi, MD, PhD,  Masahiro Tachi, MD, PhD

Presurgical Nasal Molding With a Nasal Spring in Patients With Mild-to-Moderate Nasal Deformity With Incomplete Unilateral Cleft Lip With or Without Cleft Palate Supakit Peanchitlertkajorn, DDS, MDS

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