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Major Complications and 30-Day Morbidity for Single Jaw Versus Bimaxillary Orthognathic Surgery as Reported by NSQIP Jonathan Bacos, BA, Sergey Y. Turin, MD, Elbert E. Vaca, MD, Arun K. Gosain, MD

Quantitative Evaluation of Cephalometric Radiographs of Patients With Hemifacial Microsomia Taka-aki Tokura, DDS, Akihiro Miyazaki, DDS, PhD, Tomohiro Igarashi, DDS, PhD, Hironari Dehari, DDS, PhD, Jun-ichi Kobayashi, DDS, PhD, Yoshiki Miki, DDS, PhD, Kazuhiro Ogi, DDS, PhD, Tomoko Sonoda, DDS, PhD2, Takatoshi Yotsuyanagi, MD, PhD3, Hiroyoshi Hiratsuka, DDS, PhD4

The Impact of Timing of Tympanostomy Tube Placement on Sequelae in Children With Cleft Palate Amber D. Shaffer, PhD, Matthew D. Ford, MS, CCC-SLP, Sukgi S. Choi, MD, Noel Jabbour, MD

Three-Dimensional Printing for Craniofacial Surgery: A Single Institution’s 5-Year Experience Blaike M. Dumas, BS, Ana Nava, BS2, Huay-Zong Law, MD, James Smartt, MD1, Christopher Derderian, MD, James R. Seaward, FRCS (Plast.), Alex A. Kane, MD, Rami R. Hallac, PhD

Sustainable Cleft Care Through Education: The First Simulation-Based Comprehensive Workshop in the Middle East and North Africa Region Rami S. Kantar, MD, Elie P. Ramly, MD, Fernando Almas, MD, Krishna G. Patel, MD, PhD, Carolyn R. Rogers-Vizena, MD, Nathalie A. Roche, MD, PhD, Elias Zgheib, MD2, Jennifer C. Munoz-Pareja, MD, Marie K. Nader, MD, Ann W. Kummer, PhD, Roberto L. Flores, MD1, John A. Van Aalst, MD, Usama S. Hamdan, MD

Anatomical Significance of the Spatial Distribution of the Palatopharyngeus With Regard to Velopharyngeal Closure Keiko Fukino, DDS, Masahiro Tsutsumi, MS, Jose Sanudo, MD, PhD, Takashi Ono, DDS, PhD, Keiichi Akita, MD, PhD

Morphologic Anomalies of Upper Cervical Vertebrae in Swedish Children Born with Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip and/or Palate Compared to Swedish Children without Cleft Agneta Karsten, Spec. Ortho, PhD, Metaxia Sideri, DDS, MSc, Spec. Ortho, Meropi Spyropoulos, DDS, PhD

Assessing Burden of Care in the Patient With Cleft Lip and Palate: Factors Influencing Completion and Noncompletion of Nasoalveolar Molding Riley A. Dean, BS, D’Arcy J. Wainwright, BS, Irene L. Doringo, MSN, RN, John F. Teichgraeber, MD, Matthew R. Greives, MD

Comparing Psychological Adjustment Across Cleft and Other Craniofacial Conditions: Implications for Outcome Measurement and Intervention Nicola Marie Stock, DPhil, Kristin Billaud Feragen, PhD

Is Amniotic Fluid Level a Predictor for Syndromic Diagnosis in Robin Sequence? Ans C. M. Kluivers, BS, Carly E. Calabrese, MPH, Maarten J. Koudstaal, MD, DMD, PhD, Cory M. Resnick, DMD, MD

Association Studies Between Regulatory Regions of IRF6/TP63 Genes and Nonsyndromic Oral Clefts Yah-Huei Wu-Chou, PhD, Yi-Chieh Lu, MS, Kuo-Ting Philip Chen, MD, Hsien-Fang Chang, MS, Yin-Ting Lin, BS Lun-Jou Lo, MD

Molecular Analyses in a Rabbit Model of Craniosynostosis: Likely Exclusion of Known Candidate Genes as the Loci of Origin James R. Gilbert, PhD Gwen M. Taylor, PhD, Joseph E. Losee, MD, Mark P. Mooney, PhD, Gregory M. Cooper, PhD

Development of the Submental Nasal Appearance Scale for the Assessment of Repaired Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip: A Pilot Study Robin A. Tan, BSc Kathryn V. Isaac, MD, Ingrid M. Ganske, MD, David G. M. Mosmuller, MD, Ph, Henrica C. W. de Vet, PhD, J. Peter. W. Don Griot, MD, PhD, John B. Mulliken, MD

Defining the Aesthetic Range of Normal Symmetry for Lip and Nose Features in 5-Year-Old Children Using the Computer-Based Program SymNose Nirvana S. S. Kornmann, MD, Robin A. Tan, BSc, Frans J. Mulder, MD2, Joseph T. Hardwicke, PhD, FRCS(Plast.), Bruce M. Richard, FRCS(Plast.), FRCS, Brian B. Pigott, BAI, DIC, MICE, Ronald W. Pigott, FRCSI, FRCS(Plast.)

The Effect of Written Information on Recall of Surgical Risks of Primary Cleft Palate Repair: A Randomized Controlled Study Mona T. Al-Taha, BBA, MD, Michael B. Butler, MSc, MD, Paul Hong, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Michael Bezuhly, MD, MSc, SM, FRCSC, FAAP

“It’s Not the Shunt”: An Algorithm for the Assessment of Other Medically Actionable Causes of Vomiting in Children With Craniofacial Malformations Dawn Maxey, MD, Amy Lee, MD, Tara Wenger, MD, PhD

Eleven-Year Follow-Up of Craniopagus Twins After Unsuccessful Attempt at Separation: Are They Better Off? Donald J. Harvey, MD, Elbert E. Vaca, MD, Ali Totonchi, MD3, Arun K. Gosain, MD

Syndromic Multisuture Craniosynostosis With Associated Anterior Segment Dysgenesis, Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, and Congenital Glaucoma Kelly P. Schultz, BA1, Claire J. Wiggins, BS1, Haley Streff, MS, CGC2, Veeral S. Shah, MD, PhD3, Edward P. Buchanan, MD

Intraoral Premaxillary Distraction in a Patient With Maxillary Retrognathic Cleft Lip and Palate: A Case Report Sung-Hwan Choi, DDS, Jin Hoo Park, DDS, MSD, Jung-Yul Cha, DDS, PhD, Hwi-Dong Jung, DDS, PhD

Cranio-Maxillofacial and Dental Findings in Albright’s Hereditary Osteodystrophy and Pseudohypoparathyroidism Matthias Schlund, MD, Arnaud Depeyre, MD, MSc, Florence Kohler, MD, Romain Nicot, MD, MSc, Joël Ferri, MD, PhD

A Programmable Expander for Patients With Cleft Lip and Palate Ana Torres, DDS, MS, Ibtesam AlYazeedy, DDS, Stephen Yen, DMD, PhD
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