31 Days of Craniofacial Awareness

By Alexis Giannattasio posted 10 days ago


This July, ACPA Member Justine C. Lee, MD, PhD, is continuing her annual celebration on social media – #31DaysofCraniofacialAwareness. For every day of July, Justine shares encouraging words and stories from patients, along with helpful information and resources about cleft and craniofacial differences.

“I started #31DaysofCraniofacialAwareness a few years ago because a lot of resources are focused mainly on the actual medical and surgical treatment, rather than on patients and families who have come through the other side. While support groups and systems are available, a lot of patients or parents who are doing well may not necessarily be part of these groups. The goal is to showcase people with cleft or craniofacial differences who choose not to be defined by their condition and to provide a source of encouragement or inspiration to go live life and have adventures,” says Justine.

This week, Justine is sharing an empowering message about bullying from Thalina and her family:

“This is Thalina and her mom. Thalina does not give bullies the time of day! Her advice to everybody: When faced with mean people and bullies, “Just brush it off”! Tomorrow, we’ll hear from her mom and her advice for parents. View the post.

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