ACPA Publications for the New School Year

By Alexis Giannattasio posted 10 days ago


Pubs1.jpgIt’s almost time again for students to head back to the classroom. As students prepare for the upcoming transition, they may anticipate new friends, new teachers and a new class. To help with the nearing changes, ACPA offers Help with Social Situations and To the Teacher of a Child with Cleft. These ACPA publications provide information developed by cleft and craniofacial experts in the field.

Help with Social Situations and To the Teacher of a Child with Cleft both include information about teasing, answering questions from peers, helpful conversation starters and more. Sharing these factsheets with teachers and parents will not only ease the transition for students, but it will also spread awareness of cleft and craniofacial conditions.  

Having a child born with a cleft lip and/or palate in your class­room can be a great opportunity for the other students to learn about facial differences (with appropriate consideration for stu­dent and family preferences about privacy). As with any child, positive self-concept is key to successful learning and social development. You can contribute by offering the child your skill in teaching and your gift of compassion. We appreciate your very full workload. We hope this information has been helpful.”- To the Teacher of a Child with Cleft.

ACPA Family Services provides educational booklets and fact sheets that can be downloaded online or purchased in bulk. Families may also contact ACPA Family Services at or 800-24-CLEFT to have a complimentary copy of booklets mailed to them.