Scholarship Profile: Kirsty

By Catherine Choi posted 09-16-2020 12:26 PM


61238992094--D7DD5109-0B36-4FA5-A7D0-A9FDAE5CDF9C.jpgKirsty, ACPA’s 2020 College Scholarship Recipient, was born with Frontonasal Dysplasia. Kirsty studies nursing at Hinds Community College and hopes to help children who are experiencing struggles similar to those she faced while growing up.

“I have always wanted to help small children who believe they are not strong enough to push through their struggles with their head held high. I want to be the person who shows them that they can triumph through their hardships–because I did. I have always wanted to help children that have or are going through similar struggles, and I think going into the nursing field is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Throughout my life, I have undergone about sixteen or seventeen surgeries because I was basically born with one nostril. I was born with Frontonasal Dysplasia with a Lipoma on my forehead. Growing up, I faced many struggles such as bullying and self-confidence issues, but I have learned that I am just as beautiful as anyone else. Since I received the ACPA scholarship, I will be able to relay my message to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. I will be able to be a beacon of light for someone who may not believe they are beautiful. I will also be able to further my schooling, which will help me find the job that I want in the future,” Kirsty said.

 ACPA awards college scholarships annually to outstanding students born with cleft and craniofacial conditions. Applications for 2021 Scholarships will open in the fall. For more information about ACPA College Scholarships, visit the website.