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‘Tis the Season to Give Hope

By Charlene Bell posted 12-15-2020 11:13 AM


Earlier this month, we shared Mikah’s story on the ACPA website. Mikah was born with a partial cleft lip, and in his story, his mother emphasizes just how important their ACPA Approved Team has been throughout their journey.

“At 3 months old, he had his lip revision surgery in Syracuse, NY with Dr. Tatum and his team. We have always been amazed at how great he looked immediately following. Dr Tatum is an artist surgeon, making children’s lives happier and healthier.

At 4 years old, we decided to do a revision surgery on his lip because part of it popped out a bit. Again, Dr. Tatum did the revision and Mikah looks awesome! We are hoping for no more surgery, unless when he is older for cosmetic reasons,” Mikah’s mother said. Read Mikah’s story.

ACPA Approved Teams and members make a difference in the lives of patients like Mikah and their families every day. When you give to the Hope Campaign, you help support professionals who provide care for patients with cleft and craniofacial conditions.

There is still time to support ACPA’s Hope Campaign this holiday season. To make a gift, simply visit or contact me directly at