Introduce Yourself

The Introduce Yourself thread is a great way to get to know other ACPA members and get started with the online community. It is also the most popular thread on the online community. To participate, follow the directions below:

  1. Click here to view the "Introduce Yourself" thread.
  2. Scroll past the list of messages (as seen below) until you see the first full message.

  3. To reply to the discussion, click the blue "Reply to Discussion" button located in the top right portion of the page (as seen below).

  4. Type your message into the white box (as seen below). When finished typing your message, review your signature (and make changes to it if necessary) below the white box. When ready to post your message, click the blue "send" button at the bottom left portion of the page.
    Note: To change the default signature for all future replies, click the "Profile" link within the top navigation, click the "My Account" tab and select "Discussion Signature."