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Sudoku rules and tricks

How to play sudoku, tips and tricks and where to practice difficult online sudoku.

Several medical studies recommend spending your free time training your brain. This serves to develop or at least safeguard the cognitive abilities of people of any age. No, therefore, to passive activities such as watching television and scrolling, or continuously scrolling through the home social networks on our smartphones; yes, on the other hand, to reading and crosswords, puzzles and logic problems.

Playing sudoku, in fact, is a great way to improve our logic-mathematical skills, with a fun and intelligent pastime. So let's find out sudoku rules and tricks.

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How to play sudoku

To understand how web Sudoku is played, you have to start by explaining what it is. Sudoku is a square divided into a grid of 9 columns and 9 rows. This is then further subdivided into other 3x3 grids, called "regions". Only some cells of the grid contain numbers, ranging from 1 to 9. The first time it will seem very complicated, but it is not necessary to be a math expert to understand how to play Sudoku. It is enough to understand the mechanism. Beginners always use pencil and eraser, as cancellations will certainly be frequent. Playing Sudoku with the pen is for experts, but this is a challenge that everyone can gradually win.

Sudoku rules: how to proceed

Sudoku rules are pretty simple. It is difficult to apply them.

- Fill in the empty cells so that the same number is never repeated on a row;
- Fill in the empty cells so that the same number is never repeated on a column;
- Fill in empty cells so that the same number is never repeated within a grid.

Sudoku tricks to become a champion

In sudoku puzzles for beginners there is certainly a region or a row or a column in which only one number is missing. Starting from there, you can then identify at a glance the boxes with two candidate numbers and possibly mark them both to begin the reasoning. You will see that once you have filled in the first boxes, the rest will come by itself. But to play harder levels? Are there any Sudoku tricks?

Those who start with a few numbers and without the ability to immediately locate a box with a single candidate require a lot of ingenuity and patience. It is best to focus on one number at a time by analyzing individual rows, columns and regions. For example by noting the fact that a number appears at least twice in the same region. It can be a great starting point to logically arrive at the third position of that number in the region.

It is important to check your work often, as a single mistake can compromise the whole game. Moreover, having checked the table by row and by columns, it is advisable to replicate the same process in the opposite direction.

Sudoku: strategy

The first advice we give you is to look for a square with only one empty box, look at the whole table to see if there is a sector that is missing only one number and fill it with the right digit (from 1 to 9) proceeding by exclusion .

The second trick to completing the sudoku game is to check each row and column for a single empty box. Slide your finger along each horizontal or vertical row to find a single free space, note which number is missing and write it down.

By continuing to check the columns and rows you will complete the larger squares. Look at a row of three large sectors and look for a number that is in two different squares. Slide your finger on the rows that contain this figure: the third sector must also show it. At this point, you will need to check in the opposite direction. Once you have checked the table by rows or by columns, repeat the operation in the perpendicular direction.

The last piece of advice our experts give you is to proceed in groups of numbers. This means that if a digit is repeated often, you can try to fill in the boxes where the missing repetitions should be.

For each box you fill, carefully check the logical steps that led you to choose a certain number, because a single mistake can ruin the whole online Sudoku puzzle.

Difficult online sudoku: where to practice

For all beginners and enthusiasts there are various possibilities to play Sudoku. Often there are patterns in the newspapers, it is no coincidence that there are periodicals dedicated to this game. But there are also sites from which you can print patterns and which offer the possibility of playing digitally comfortably, getting rid of pencil and eraser. PC owners can download Windows Sudoku Puzzle Game, while for Mac the best known is Sudoku Uno. For smartphones and tablets, the recommended app is simply called Sudoku. For those wishing to try their hand at playing online, it is possible to connect to

Have smart fun!