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  • As Time Goes By and Casablanca

This paper discusses the role of music in different plays such as the classic film, Casablanca. The song “As Time Goes By” was composed by Herman Hupfeld and originally sung by Frances Williams in 1931 on Broadway in a show called Everybody’s Welcome. It would go on to play a major part in both the stage play; Everybody Comes to Rick’s, as well as the play’s film version, Casablanca. Steiner utilizes the song to great effect, both dietetically and non-

digetically, in a way that is perhaps unparalleled by any other movie. Dietetically, when performed by Sam the piano player, the song is of great significance to the lead characters. Non-digetically, the song is used in a number of incarnations to emphasize dramatic and emotional moments in the film. In a sense, one could consider “As Time goes By” to be the third lead in the film, alongside the characters of Rick and Ilsa.

  • Aspects Of The Economic Status Of The Character Of Harriet In The Novel, Emma , By Jane Austen.

In this undergraduate essay topic to write my essay for me a writer examines the character of Harriet in Jane Austen’s classic story, Emma, particularly the ways Austen reveals aspects of Harriet’s economic status through the social and economic pressure that shape her life.

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  • Aspects of Romanticism in William Faulkner’s The Bear .

This paper examines and clarifies the elements of romanticism found in William Faulkner’s classic short story, “The Bear”. This is accomplished through addressing three specific examples from the story: Ike’s stewardship of the land, Ike’s coming of age, and Faulkner’s descriptions of the natural world.

  • Assessing the American Spirit through Fiction and Non- Fiction.

One of the most poignant quotes in American literature comes from Donald Briscoe, who stated that "To understand American Literature, it is necessary to examine both its fiction and its non- fiction because the key to the American Spirit can be found in both. This paper assesses Briscoe’s quote through addressing two works of American fiction and two works of American non- fiction with the intent of proving how the spirit of the American people is reflected in both types of literature.

  • Assessment Of Poetry.

This paper according to history help service is on the topic of assessing poetry. Poetry has figurative language, musical sound, and different symbols. The assessment of poetry is similar to that of fiction, but more precise.

  • Assessment of Oankali Science and Human Society.

This paper is a persuasive indictment of Oankali (alien) actions in the novel Dawn by Octavia Butler. It addresses international relations as well as literary theory, particularly the value of conflict and emotion in forming “human-ness”.

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